How to stay healthy while at home

Follow these tips to keep healthy while under quarantine


Devyn Irvin

The world seems like it is on pause right now. Schools are canceled for the rest of the year, restaurants are closed, and everyone is social distancing. In this uncertain time, it can be difficult for us to take care of our health while worried about other things. Staying healthy while in quarantine can be done by doing these things:

Keeping up with your physical health

It is important for both our minds and bodies to get good exercise. While we cannot go to the gym or play sports with friends at the moment, it does not mean exercise is completely off the table. Now that we are not physically going to school we are no longer getting as much physical activity. Simple exercises like going on a bike ride or a run around your neighborhood will help to improve physical health. Even following workouts that can be done from your living room will help. if you play a sport, now is the perfect time to practice by yourself to improve in technical aspects.

Maintaining good mental health

Staying healthy is not just about physical health. During a time like this, it is especially important to maintain good mental health. The CDC recommends cutting back on social media and news exposure due to all of the negativity in the news. Reaching out to friends and family or calling a loved one are positive things that you can do to improve your mental health.

Keeping germs out of your body

To prevent the spread of germs you should wash your hands regularly, even at home. If you are going out of your house to shop for essentials, make sure to keep yourself protected and keep harmful germs out of your body. Always wash your hands after coming home from a grocery store. Do not touch your face when you are out and about, and frequently disinfect surfaces such as (Door handles, faucets, light switches, remotes).

Having a healthy diet

If we do not eat the right foods, we will feel sluggish and unmotivated especially when cooped up at home all day. It is important to have three meals a day, and for those meals to have the right nutrients that our bodies need. If you are unable to get the meals that you need due to the cancellation of school, Volusia County Schools are offering meals daily that can be picked up at various distribution sites.