Five ways to prevent boredom

These five activities will keep you busy while under quarantine


Zaira Rosario

In an attempt to limit social contact to help decrease the spread of COVID-19, you might find that you have a lot more time to kill and fewer people to kill it with. Here are five things you can do to prevent boredom while under quarantine.

  1. Watch television shows with three seasons or more.

Now is the time to get caught up on all your favorite TV shows, but that, too, can get old after a while.

Sometimes, you need to add something new to your media diet, especially when you are confined to your living space for an extended period.

A few shows to consider are, “Money Heist” [originally called La Casa de Papel] follows a team of criminals who decide to break into the Royal Mint in Spain. The show currently has three seasons and is about to release the fourth season on Apr. 3.

Another show to binge is Anne with an E, which is a coming-of-age story about an outsider who fights for acceptance, for her place in the world and love. The television show has three full seasons.

  1. Find a book series that interests you

Reading is shown to help us better understand and interact with other people, keep our brains sharp, expand our world views and grow as individuals.

A book series that you can dig into is the “Maze Runner” by James Dashner. If you like post-apocalyptic science fiction then this is the series for you. This series is loaded with mystery, lies and memory loss. There are seven books in total in Dashner’s multi-volume works.

Whether you are the reader who rips through a new book each week or the one still getting through that bestseller your friend recommended months ago, it is psychologist proven that a reader’s time is well spent.

Author Kass Morgan wrote a six multi-volume book series called “The 100″.  After a nuclear war devasted the planet humanity has lived in space, 100 juvenile prisoners are being sent back down to recolonize after one hundred years. The book series takes twists and turns as the main character Clarke Griffin faces challenges on the “new” Earth.

If it is for educational purposes or pleasure, stress relief or entertainment, work or fun, people read for all different reasons, and the books they choose reflect that.

  1. Work on chores

It is time for you to catch up on some of those chores you put off for too long. House chores help us to stay on top of clutter and ensures an organized home.

If you want to destress, pick up a cleaning rag and a duster. While cleaning is not a cure-all, it can reduce your daily level of stress.

  1. Declutter and organize your closet

You have probably decluttered and organized your closet plenty of times before, but it still ends up a disaster in a few months.

A fast way to declutter your clothes is to go through them by type. Tossing every piece of clothing you own into a massive fabric mountain on your bed can be overwhelming and inefficient. It is a better method to separate everything by category, you can efficiently compare similar clothes when they are in groups in front of you. This can make it easier to get rid of the things you know you have too much of or do not want.

Once you have decluttered and emptied your entire closet, start a proper deep clean in there. Vacuum the carpet, dust the shelves or rack, and wipe off any marks or dirt on the walls.

Look at your closet and get creative with the space you have. Take advantage of the vertical storage or the height of the closet and start refilling your closet. Store your clothes by category where you can see them easily, color-code your clothes and maximize your storage space.

If you want to mobilize all of your clothes for wear, turn the hangers backward on clothes that you wear often. This way you can see the options you have when looking for something new to wear.

This is a process that can ensure your collection of clothes never gets too large to manage.

  1. Try to get extra sleep

Over time, skipping hours of sleep can mess up more than just your morning mood. When running low on sleep, individuals have more trouble holding onto information or remembering it. Sleep plays a part in learning and memory. Without sleep, it is harder to focus on new information being given daily.

Your mind needs this time to recognize and react the right way. When you cut your sleep hours short you can have more negative emotional reactions and fewer positive ones.

Naps can help maintain high energy to work all round in the day. A nap longer than one hour can interfere with circadian rhythm- the process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

These activities can help you prevent boredom by filling up any time that you have. By using the resources you have at home you can help prevent boredom.