These are the five best streaming services

A review of popular streaming services


Matthew Kowalzyk


All-around best streaming service

Price- $8.99-$15.99 a month

+Variety of content

+Clean and easy-to-navigate interface

+Always adding new content

+Good original content

-More expensive than other streaming services

-Titles come and go quite frequently

The iconic streaming platform remains the best in the market. And for good reason, too. Netflix provides unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows and original programming for one monthly price, while still catering to several different audiences. On top of that, its easy-to-use interface is optimal for finding different movies and shows.


Great for TV shows and even movies

Price- $5.99-$11.99 a month

+Lots of good content 

+Access to newer TV shows


-Bad browsing

-Frequent commercials

Staying up-to-date on the latest TV shows is easy with Hulu. Not only does Hulu provide tons of great shows, but it also provides some great movies too. From a cost perspective, it is one of the least expensive streaming services out there, at around six dollars a month.


Great for anything Disney

Price- $6.99 a month

+Reasonable Price

+Home of all Disney content

-Not for everyone, since it provides exclusively Disney content

Before its release, Disney+ was one of the most anticipated streaming platforms of the year. At seven dollars a month, Disney+ comes in as one of the less expensive streaming services. On top of that, Disney+ is the place to go for any Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel or National Geographic content.


Largest library of movies and shows

Price- $12.99 a month

+Largest library of movies and TV shows

+Good original content

-A lot of movies require purchasing

-Busy/distracting interface

Amazon Prime Video provides a vast library of movies and TV shows. Almost any movie or show can be found through its service. Although it is on the pricier side, it comes for free with an Amazon subscription. The platform also provides some amazing award-winning original content.


Great for top-tier content

Price- $14.99 a month

+Great movies

+Award winning original content

+Scroll alphabetically or by genre

-More expensive than other platforms

-Limited selection

Those looking for top quality content can find it through HBO’s streaming services. HBO also provides some great award-winning content. In addition, it has a great interface by allowing people to search for shows and movies alphabetically or by genre.