Best online shops for prom dresses

A review of three online dress shops


Madelyn Emmons

Prom will be here before we know it and in our world of technology, prom dress shopping may be right at your fingertips. Here is a few of the best and maybe even secret online shops for dresses. This might help you get started on a journey to saying yes to the dress without leaving your seat!


I personally found the website easy to use and there were many options on the journey of searching for the perfect dress. There is even a whole section in the women’s section dedicated to just dresses and narrows down to your most interested style. “Students should use this site because they often have the most options that are available at a variety of price ranges, and super accurate with what they have in store,” junior Alyssa Bell said.


For a store with a very recognizable name in America, Macy’s is one of the top department stores, both in-store and online, for trendy clothes and high-quality items. I found the website to be welcoming to customers as well as the search bar and “shop by department” buttons easy to find in order for you to get started on prom dress shopping. “Even though it’s more in the medium to high price range, it’s worth the price,” junior Madison Clymer said. “Macy’s provides great customer service online or in-store and they stand behind their products. Macy’s dresses are impressive designs, style and high quality.”


A hidden gem on a budget with results of a high-end stunning prom dress is Windsor. From the minute you open the website, you immediately get sales and coupons introduced to you along with an option to go straight to prom shopping including dresses and accessories. “It is pretty easy to use because even with other clothing options besides dresses, you can easily click the tab and it quickly directs you to multiple filters so you can find exactly what you are looking for with a favorable price tag,” junior Chloe Miller said.

*we are not affiliated with any of the brands above*