Seniors you should accomplish this before graduation

Five bucket list items you should check off before graduation


Coral Estes

But Before I Go…

With about three months left of high school before seniors walk across the stage and receive their diplomas, there is not much time left to make memories before senior year is a closed chapter in each student’s book. So if you’re wondering what you want to check off your high school bucket list before graduation day, keep reading for some inspiration.

Get That Second Diploma
Dual enrollment students, you have worked so hard to finish high school with two degrees. In case no one has told you lately- You can do this! These last few months are the final stretch to get what you have had your eyes set on for years, so keep pushing through.
“I constantly feel like I have something to work toward,” senior Rheagan Dibacco said. “Plus, it would be two years of free college, which would help me a lot so I wouldn’t be at risk for potential debt.”
This bucket list item is goal-oriented and useful in the long run.

Get a Plant
For students who plan on going off to college after graduation, tending to a plant may be a nice way to stay grounded. Most dorms will not allow you to have pets, so why not have a plant instead? There is no better time than the present to start this process.
“I want to plant a bonsai tree so that it can grow and mature with me on our mutual journey to adulthood,” senior Isabel Sullivan said.
For those with more zen personalities, this may be the bucket list item for you.

Pour Your Heart into Writing
Whether you enjoy poetry, journaling, or story-telling, getting your thoughts onto paper can be both a great way to express yourself at the moment, and documentation to look back on years from now to see where your head was at in high school.
Senior Oscar Rivera began writing a book at the beginning of senior year and is now striving to finish it before graduation.
“Sure, writing a book does not seem as exciting as jumping out of a plane or tipping over cows- far from it in fact,” Rivera said. “But what sets this book apart from anything else on my bucket list comes from the journey of writing it.”
Looking to feel enlightened and dig deeper into something you are passionate about? Maybe try this bucket list item out.

Get out of Orange City
Nothing against Orange City, but getting out into the world before graduation could be something to remember. Grab some friends, pick a location and go. Travel to a place you have not seen before and make memories before this phase in your life is over.
“I think it’s a way to let our adventurous side shine through,” senior Hailey Conrad said. “It’s like one last hurrah before we all go our separate ways.”
This is the perfect bucket list item for someone looking for new experiences to carry with them for years to come.

Ace that Class
Sometimes the most fulfilling way to leave something like high school behind is to leave on a high note. Studying and taking your grades seriously can provide an opportunity to leave high school proud of your accomplishments, feeling more prepared for what is to come.
“I want to get an A in any AP class before the year is out,” senior Austin Drysdale said. “I feel like I’ll prove that I’m smart enough to take these classes, and in turn be able to handle college classes.”
Striving to check this bucket list item off your list will help you leave high school with a sense of pride and satisfaction. No, you don’t have to write an entire novel or grow a tree before graduation. But, consider the little time you have left of these four years and try to make the most of the time you cannot get back. Live while you’re young and walk across that stage with no regrets in May.