Girls softball is turning around for new season

The team plans to build off their relationships this season


Samantha Roche

The girls’ varsity softball team has over twenty games lined up to play throughout the next few months. However, this season is not projected to be anything like last season. Most of the girls on the team started playing together outside of high school ball since middle school, making it easier for the team to work together, given how used to it they all already are. The connection that formed between the athletes throughout the years is not something that any team can have.

Throughout all of middle school, and even still into high school, seniors Julia Duncan and Sydney Chace Focarino, juniors Samantha Roche, Katie Vandehey, Caitlyn Porter, Jonni Sanchez, and Zoe Hines, and freshman Annalyn Duncan have all played and are still playing for the Orange City Thunder travel softball team. Through the years, the girls spent weeknights and weekends together, from traveling to tournaments together to practicing nightly at Valentine Park.

On the field, softball is a game a trust. You want to be able to trust that your teammates are going to pick you up if you fail, given you need the whole team to win. Junior Caitlyn Porter has not had to worry about whether her team has her back since she’s been playing with the same girls since sixth grade.

“Our team already has a strong bond going into the season, we know each other’s ability,” Porter said. “We can all trust each other, which isn’t common in high school. It’s what gives us an advantage over other high schools.”

Even freshman Annalyn Duncan, the only freshman on varsity, found It easy to fit right in with the upperclassman because of the bond already formed with half the team.

“I grew up with most of the girls and my older sister is on the team,” Duncan said. “It makes me feel comfortable being close friends with my teammates.”

With the friendship the whole team shares, it makes practices and games fun. When the whole team is comfortable around each other, it makes the environment positive no matter what happens.

“Everyone supports each other, and we all want to succeed for each other,” senior Julia Duncan said. “I’m confident that our teamwork will help us be successful this season.”