A how-to guide to taking personal senior portraits

Four tips to make the most of your senior session

Camille Taylor

If you are anything like me, hearing that there are less than three months left until graduation has left you desperately trying to grasp on to every last memory you can savor. Despite the idea of time slipping through our fingers, there is still room to schedule personal senior portrait photo sessions. Whether you decide to pay a professional photographer for their services or tag along with a friend that is seasoned in photography, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Pick an outfit you feel most comfortable in

Just because you are taking your senior portraits does NOT mean, it’s time to break out the high heels, dress shoes, ball gowns, and bow ties. Unless of course, they fit your style.

Senior portraits are meant to capture your own personal style, so it is best to pick an outfit that showcases your interests and your high school career.  You’re on the soccer team? Bring your jersey, cleats or a ball.  Acclaimed thespian? Try to incorporate significant props from your shows. Part of the anime club? Find a way to pay tribute to your favorite manga. You get the point- find something that’s unique to your senior year. This way, your interests during senior year will be captured forever.

Do your research on locations

WHERE you take your photos should also hold a special meaning for your senior year. Taking your photos in a location that you identify with helps to drive the storytelling element of your portraits.

Consider your future goals and aspirations. If your future college is local, find picture-perfect spots on campus. Not only does it represent an end of your high school career, but a new beginning in furthering your education.

Several locations around Volusia County have the potential to hone in on your personality or interests, you just have to be willing to seek them out.

The old Spanish sugar mill (link to https://oldspanishsugarmill.com)  in DeLeon Springs has a touch of southern charm for those of you that take a liking to the homestyle type of aesthetic.

Downtown Deland is home to several shops that would cater to specialized interests. Not to mention, the town’s historic buildings such as the city hall, the Athen’s theatre, and the courthouse are conveniently beautiful backdrops for any session. Steve’s Downtown Music and Groovy Records are two music shops that would appeal to music creators and lovers alike. Muse bookshop and Cliff’s books can serve refuge for fellow bookworms. Let us not forget the chess park, located downtown near the courthouse. Surely, some of you took homecoming pictures there in the past.

Check the weather the day of

Let’s just hope that after you finally pick the perfect outfit and gather all your props, Florida’s unpredictable weather forecasts behave. The last thing you need is to have a location and time picked out just for the so-called “sunshine state’ to renege on its reputation and wash out all of your plans with a thunderstorm. Checking the weather forecast for the day will decide whether your photoshoot needs a rain check or you’re all good to go! Ensuring a bright day is crucial for enhancing the richness of skin tones.

Most importantly- Have fun!

At the end of the day, senior portraits are meant to be another memory-making occasion. Make sure to embrace everything senior year has to offer while it lasts!