Five fast food deals for under five dollars

A review of five fast food options under five dollars


Alexis Eckman

Fast food is almost a staple in every high school student’s life, and with only an hour for lunch and a couple of bucks in their pockets, lunch can be difficult to choose. I asked my fellow classmates as to where they eat on their lunch break.

I went to five different fast-food restaurants near the school, and after carefully deciding what the best deals are from each and eating way too much food, I wrote down my thoughts as to where to go and what to get for only under $5. This is how you can get the most for your buck!

#1 Taco Bell: With only an eight-minute drive from the school and a five-dollar bill in my hand I walked into Taco Bell to find the best deal I could. When I entered I took my time placing my order and ended up with a few items, only spending $4.26 for all of it. When my tray got to me there were nachos, a burrito, a chicken quesadilla, and of course cinnamon twists for dessert. For one person this seemed like a lot of food but I dug in, the nachos had great flavor, the Frito burrito had pieces of chips inside and was very filling, the chicken quesadilla was creamy and cheesy, and the Cinnamon twists were so light and good you could down the whole bag. For four items and only for $4.26, this was the best deal on the menu!

#2 Burger King: My next stop was only six minutes away from school, and surprisingly they had a great deal! When I entered the house of the whopper, I kindly placed my order and paid the same price of $4.26. I saw a big sign on the window for a five for $4 deal and I knew I would get the most for the least. The deal came with any burger on the list, I got a double cheeseburger, a small fry, four-piece chicken nuggets, a small drink, and a chocolate chip cookie! My burger was classic with all the regular toppings and paired great with the crispy yet light fries. The nuggets were basic but good and the cookie tasted so homemade it finished off a perfect meal. You beat to know that when you go to Burger King you will be getting a big amount of food and still have some change left.

#3 McDonald’s: The classic Golden Arches and known for the saying “I’m loving it” describes how I felt seeing the deal I got at McDonald’s. I scanned for my food and saw what I was looking for, a meal deal for two cheeseburgers, a medium fry, and a medium southern sweet tea for $4.78. This deal would be great to share with a friend and everyone loves a good classic cheeseburger and McDonald’s signature fries, paired with their refreshing tea to wash it all down! I definitely needed some help to eat all the food I got for such a surprisingly low price.

#4 Wendys: Three minutes away from school, any student on a rush would not stop here to eat with there classic four for $4 deal. I got a chicken sandwich, spicy nuggets, a small fry and could even upgrade my drink to a chocolate frosty for only $4.26. The lady at the counter gave me my food and I went straight for what they’re known for, their frost, it was a chocolatey cold treat and so good. The spicy nuggets added a good kick to plain chicken nuggets, and the sandwich had a nice soft bun with some small crisp fries. Wendy’s is the place when you’re running late and you need a lot of good food fast.

#5 Checkers: Just recently opening up three minutes away from campus, kids are excited to eat at the new checkers and so have I. I have the best deal for you. As I looked at the value menu I got excited to see a hot dog, an all American burger, a medium fry, and their amazing fries all for $4.89. As I sat down I got my food nicely wrapped in my bag and tried out my four items. There’s nothing wrong with an all American cheeseburger, it had the right about of pickles and the fries are the best ones out there seasoned and crispy to perfection. The hotdog also beat my expectations with a flavorful sausage taste, and then a huge medium tea along with it all. This deal was fast, easy, and perfect for a low spending high school student.