Losing an idol

Girls and boys basketball players express their thoughts on the passing of NBA player Kobe Bryant


Jaylyn Edwards

From 1996 to 2020 and future years, NBA player, Kobe Bryant was known as a respected and successful basketball player throughout the world. Jan. 26, 2020 left a shock not only nationally, but internationally when it was announced Kobe Bryant passed away along with his daughter, Gianna Bryant and six other passengers when they got into a Helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

Following the death of Bryant, student-athletes felt the impact his passing took on his supporters.

“Kobe wasn’t just a professional basketball player, he was a writer and producer,” senior Angie Shalkowitz said. “He also wanted to see kids grow from the battles they face.”

Bryant was more than just a good basketball, but an inspiration.

“When Kobe passed the entire basketball community was in shock most likely because the chances of something that insane happening are one in a million, but everyone was heartbroken,” freshman Justin Martinez said. “When a person who inspires masses of people passes away it’s kind of like the whole world stands still and everyone comes together to help one another grieve.”

The tragedy also left time to mourn the death of Bryant’s young daughter, Gianna Bryant, who was thirteen years old at the time of the accident.

“It’s even sadder because she had her entire life to live and for that to be taken away so fast is really a sad tragedy same for the seven other passengers that lost their lives,” Martinez said.

Supporters of Bryant want to continue to let his name spread throughout the world for generations to come.

“Every basketball player must keep playing in the name of Kobe to keep the legacy going,” Shalkowitz said.

The example set by Bryant has encouraged young athletes whose pursuit is to be like him.

“Some reasons I would love to become a famous basketball player are that I always would love to have fans and make people be inspired by me too,” freshman Angel LeBron said. “Inspiring things he said like his quote, ‘Everything negative pressure, challenges is all opportunity for me to rise’ is very inspiring for me, he has set through is life was worth it and he accomplished it, through hate, challenges’.”

Through the legacy Bryant made for himself, his mentality, also known as his “Mamba Mentality” is one well-known trait Bryant has left for us.

“He is a role model for me because of his mentality and his work ethic was unlike any other,” Martinez said.

The death of a loved one gives us time to reflect on how quickly we can lose someone, or even how quickly our own lives can be taken and only gives more reason to live our lives to the fullest potential right now.

“You really do need to enjoy life while you have it,” senior Larissa Figueroa said. “You have to enjoy the time you spend with those you love because you never know when that can change.”