A review of The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse film released on Oct. 18, 2019, was nominated for an Academy award.


Braedyn Wasden

Fog rolls over the screen and boat is obscured in the distance. The audience sees the two men of our story. They to are obscured and all around the viewer, the blaring of an otherworldly horn is heard. Already a tone is established in this opening scene there is a mystery in these seas and lighthouse is a standing monolith with powerful effects. This tone is expertly crafted with sound design including a ghostly and overwhelming orchestra that feels at home in the salty air this works in perfect partnership with the cinematography that utilizes the 1.19:1 aspect ratio to further feeling of being trapped alongside the young lighthouse wickies. The uses of black and white film which adds the strange and grainy feel of the movie.

This film is something strange and new, Lovecraftian in its horror and strangely absurd in its comedy with a plethora of well-timed farts and mad rants so strange it would be funny if it was not so disturbing to watch.

As a fan of eccentric filmmaking, this movie stood out to me as something special. The arthouse style of the filming doesn’t take its self too seriously all of its artsy-fartsy bits are done for a reason and isn’t just for the sake of showing off but adds a great deal to the viewing experience. This works along with the insane amount of detail writer-director Robbert Eggers uses while creating the environment and story of the lighthouse. The film’s script utilizes period-accurate speech patterns and clothing to contradict the surreality of the rest of the movie.

I would recommend this movie to any film buff, fan surreal horror or honestly anyone I truly love this film. However, this is an intense film with a well-deserved R rating so perhaps be prepared for an awkward viewing with parents if you are under 17 but, for everyone else, it’s a truly unique and enjoyable watch.

Closing off, this movie is something special and director Robert Eggers deserves recognition for once again creating an amazing movie after his also fantastic first film The Witch.