Top six Valentine’s Day gift ideas

A gift guide for that special someone


Sarah James


With Valentine’s day right around the corner, students are busy picking out the best gift to give to someone they consider special. Whether it be a beautiful bouquet, a soft stuffed animal, or the classic box of chocolates the perfect Valentine’s day gift could be anything.

“I think that candy is a great Valentine’s day gift,” junior Sueann Banh said. “I feel like you can’t go wrong with candy because it’s a gift that anybody can receive. There are many different types of sweets for different people who have different preferences.”


Some Valentine’s day gifts cannot be bought in the store. For some, a more personalized gift is best to give to someone important to you. It does not have to cost a lot of money and it can hold a lot of meaning.

“I think that a good Valentine’s day gift would be personalized,” junior Bailey Leider said. “It isn’t a one-time thing like a box of chocolates, and you can look at it for as long as you want. It also lets you know that they put in the time for your gift because scrapbooking is hard work.”


The classic Valentine gift, a box of chocolates can be a simple way to remind someone that you are thinking of them. Sometimes the simplest gifts are some of the best. Junior Melanie Nazario agrees that a box of chocolates could be the perfect gift this Valentine’s day.

“I think chocolate is a good Valentine’s day gift,” junior Melanie Nazario said. “It tastes good and it’s a universal gift that is associated with Valentine’s day itself. It’s easy to buy and it is cheap.”


Different items can hold different meanings to people. While some prefer a box of chocolates others prefer items such as stuffed animals. Some students want a gift they can keep with them for as long as they wish.

I think a good Valentine’s day gift would be a stuffed animal,” sophomore Alyssa Nieves said. “It’s cute and I think that it is more meaningful.”


Flowers are another Valentine’s gift that people are given each year. Not only are they easy to find they are also greatly appreciated by many people.

“I think flowers are a good Valentine’s day gift because they are a sign of love,” sophomore Jasmin Flores said. “You can keep them for a while too and they are a part of nature.”


Not all gifts have to be an object. Some people enjoy just spending time with another person engaging in an activity that interests them. Going out to dinner can be a great way to spend your Valentine’s day.

“If I had to pick something for Valentine’s day, I would say spending time together with someone,” junior Michael Eddy said. “I feel like you grow a better connection whenever you are spending time with someone rather than spending money on someone. It’s harder to spend a lot of time with someone then it is to spend a lot of money on them as well. For me I would like any food place, I love food.”