Laughing through the romance

A review of four rom-cons on Netflix


Savannah Upson

Throughout the years, people use Netflix to watch their favorite movies and series. Netflix has content for all ages and likings. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I rated four romantic comedies on Netflix.

9/10 Love, Rosie (2014): This movie is by far my favorite on the list. In ‘Love, Rosie’, the main character, Rosie, is faced with challenges throughout her early adulthood alone. While her childhood best friend, Alex, moved from Dublin to the United States for college. Years later, they meet again and slowly fall back in love. Despite being drama-filled, ‘Love, Rosie’ has just the right amount of comedy to balance out the romance and drama aspects. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a romantic comedy.

7/10 To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2019): This is your typical high school romantic comedy; two opposites attracting to fall in love. ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ is a Netflix original based on Jenny Han’s hit book series ‘To All the Boys I’ve loved before’. Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky started “dating” to benefit themselves and never planned to date for long, but their time together seemed to have proved otherwise. Like all romance movies, ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ had a predictable and cliché ending. The producers finished the movie with a cliff hanger leading to the next movie.

6/10 Set It Up (2018): Located in New York City, two assistants, Charlie Young and Kirsten Stevens, set out to make their bosses fall in love. In the process, Charlie and Kirsten gain feelings for each other. ‘Set It Up’ is full of moments to laugh. With the main characters having an outgoing personality, there was never a dull moment watching this movie.

8/10 Always Be My Maybe (2019):  With total opposite lifestyles, childhood friends Sasha Tran and Marcus Kim grew apart as they get older. When Sasha goes back to San Francisco, she and Marcus reconnect and start to fall in love. There are plenty of moments of romance and chances of laughter. Through the comedy, drama, and love Always Be My Maybe’ was a great movie.