Southern hospitality wall-to-wall at Gram’s Kitchen

A review of local restaurant Gram’s Kitchen


Braedyn Wasden

Located within walking distance of campus, right off Volusia avenue at the entrance of Birch street, Gram’s Kitchen is a perfect example of Southern hospitality. Its rustic interior and wholesome atmosphere provide a cheerful experience for all its customers

I was quickly welcomed by my waitress with a warm greeting and a pleasant conversation. I sat near the front of the diner. Its walls and tables covered with all sorts of advertisements for local businesses making it seem to be a cornerstone of the community. This also matched with its southern style of decoration that includes a pleasant mural of manatees, hardwood flooring, and a comfortable seating arrangement throughout the interior.

For my visit, I decided to order one of their served all-day breakfast specials, all of which carry a name, I choose the “Neal”. The Neal is an order of two eggs, two pancakes and a cup of coffee all for the reasonable pricing of $5.99. The coffee and eggs were severed quickly and with a smile. The pancakes took longer than expected. The eggs were simple yet tasty nothing to brag about, but still filling. The coffee was strong and mixed well with the creamer and sugar provided. I was enjoyed my eggs and coffee alongside the comfortable ambiance of the diner which included some select music for easy listening. When my pancakes arrived, I was truly surprised by the portion size which encompassed much of a large plate. I quickly drenched the stack in Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup and dug in. These fluffy cakes where a highlight for me and I could not help but be reminded of my own grandma’s pancakes. The texture was soft and weighty making for a perfect breakfast at any time of day. I was soon filled by my meal and was not able to finish the little remaining.

I enjoyed my time at Grams kitchen. With its proximity to the school, it is an ideal location for any student in search of a place to enjoy some authentic southern cuisine while they unwind after a long day. Some of the choices for potential customers include; a build your own breakfast wrap, an assortment of “grandpas” Omelets and a selection of daily dinner specials such as all you can eat spaghetti.  You can find Grams Kitchen right off Volusia Avenue at the entrance of birch street in Orange City

*This post is a review.