Ending the season with a few memories


Kori Kestory


The JV baseball team ended the strenuous season with a record of 20-4. With one of the most successful seasons under their belts, some of the players reflect on the past season.  

“I’m honestly sad that season is ending, because this was definitely the best season I have ever had,” sophomore Skylor Mcgough said. “I’m going to miss the team, the coaches and just the passion everyone had for baseball.” 

The team has grown together as a whole, and everyone has improved throughout the year. Although there were some losses, the players took these moments as learning opportunities.

“At the beginning of the season, we were not very confident and didn’t trust each other very much,” freshman Even Koehler said. “Now going into districts, we have gained a lot of confidence and trust within our team.” 

A lot of players are upset about the season ending because they will be leaving the team, as many are going to try out for the varsity team next year. 

“It sucks because I really want to keep the season going and play more games,” freshman Andrew Korkus said. “I’m really going to miss being able to compete against others and the whole environment of the team.”