From swimming to eating, swim team holds their annual banquet

Devyn Irvin

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The swim team held their end-of-year banquet on Thursday, May 2. Team members brought food, received awards and reminisced on memories from the season.

Freshman Taylor Neumeyer fill their plates with food as the banquet potluck begins. Each player and their family signed up to bring specific dish for the feast. “[The swim] season was a lot of hard work to keep up with my teammates,” Neumeyer said. “so it was fun to get to see all of the people from my team at the banquet.”

As the banquet begins, juniors Ethan Burner and Kyra Burch laugh with a fellow teammate about a picture taken from the season. Pictures were scattered around the tables at the banquet, for players to take as a souvenir from the season. “[The banquet] was amazing,” Burch said. “I had such close relationships with my teammates, and I [got to remember] all the funny inside jokes from when we were heading home from meets. Like when Bruno Mars came on and the whole bus started singing, it was so funny.”
Junior and Captain Chloe Morgan reads over the awards, that she is about to present to her teammates. During the banquet Morgan and one of the other captains of the team Jaylen Parrish read out awards given to members of the swim team based on personal anecdotes, achievements, or inside jokes.
Sophomore Hunter First receives a medal for the scholar award he received. “I was surprised that I got the awards,” First said. “But I was still glad that I worked hard enough to earn them.”
Sophomore Julia Annunziato and Senior Jaylen Parrish go in for a hug after announcing Annunziato as a captain in the upcoming season. “Being promoted to become a captain was one of the best feelings in the world,” Annunziato said. “It made me feel extremely proud of the work I’ve put into swimming these past few years, and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better team.”