Spinning out of your comfort zone: color guard holds field season auditions


Melanie Schepmans

Walking into the auditorium, the sound of snapping and unanimous eight counts bounces off the walls.  Rows of auditionees fill the stage, moving together like a wave on each count. As breathing exercises end, students look up and prepare to learn their color guard audition routine for the 2019 field season on Thursday, May 2.  

Color guard auditions are two days long where students learn basic dance routines and flag skills. Since no experience is required to audition, this creates a mix of veterans with seasons of experience and newbies with a few minutes of experience. 

“I watched some videos on color guard and it really interested me,” sophomore Pheonix Curry Garcia said. “My friend Sabrina showed me a video of her spinning rifle and I thought it was really cool and wanted to learn how to do it.” 

For students who have previous experience with performing arts sports, the uniqueness of color guard creates a challenge, as well as an appeal.  

“I’m excited for this season because it’s new to me,” freshman Deanna Beebe said. “I was on the dance team so I know about dance but adding things like flag makes it different in a way, and creates a new dynamic.” 

For returning guardies, auditions evoke enthusiasm towards improving skills and technique, and remind them of the relationship they form with the team.  

“Having done winter guard, I’m excited for field season,” junior Isaac Jimenez said. “I’ll get to learn a lot more things and do more. I’m also excited to get closer to the team and build that bond.”