Dancing their way to the end of the year


Savannah Upson

In order to prepare for their upcoming performance on May 20, Titan dance has come together as a team to ensure their dances are just right. With it getting closer to show time, the team works together at every practice and lends a hand to any members who needs help.

“We have increased practices and all collaborate and share our dances to make sure we are on track and have the creative assistance we need,” sophomore Franchesca Pichardo said. “We don’t really need to prepare mentally. The team is like a family, so whenever we have difficulty or problems we come together and resolve it.”

For the team, it takes more than practicing. They need the support from their peers to keep them in the right mindset during and leading up to the show.

“All of us are working really hard and we believe in each other,” junior Jennydian Santos-Olmeda said. “We know we got this, so it makes it easier on us knowing we have each other’s support.”

Trying to balance school and a sport can be a challenge, but the coaches are trying to ensure everyone is in their best mood. Despite the members’ busy schedules, they believe they will overcome their challenges.

“I feel that people are so focused on the end of their school year, especially our seniors, with getting everything done, that causes there to be a change in the mood,” sponsor Lynelle Colon said. “But I feel like when it’s here, it’s going to be good.”

With the 2018-2019 school year coming to an end, the senior members will perform one last time with their teammates.

“I’m excited and sad to know it’s my last performance,” senior Alizea Rosario said. “I’m sad that I get to dance with my friends one last time before I leave but I’m excited to end this show with everyone wanting more.”