APES students build sustainable cities


Melanie Schepmans

AP Environmental students presented their sustainable city projects on Wednesday, April 24 and Thursday, April 26. Students assumed the role of a planning commissioner and focused on all the topics learned throughout the year to design a self-sustaining city that is has the least negative impact on the environment and human health. 

“I think this project was informative but difficult at some points,” sophomore Brea Kamm said. “We had to think twice about incorporating something as simple as single-family homes because of the environmental impacts of urban sprawl.” 

As students put the project together, they revisited major topics regarding sustainability to help them successfully complete the projects and review for the AP exam.  

“The sustainable city project helped me prepare for the AP exam by giving me a physical representation of how you can use renewable resources instead of non-renewable resources,” sophomore Eric Zhao said. “I got to learn the advantages and disadvantages of using solar panels as an energy source, which was helpful.” 

The purpose of this project was not only to test the students’ knowledge on how development affects various ecosystems, but to initiate real world applications of the importance of sustainability. 

“I thought the project was eye opening and led to some innovative ideas that could make a difference,” sophomore Paige Boucher said. “It allowed me to expand my horizons, be appreciative of our Earth, and motivated me to want to make a change.”