Titan theatre presents ‘Lockdown’


Melanie Schepmans

The auditorium is pitch black as the audience exchange whispers, anticipating the curtains to open. Actors and actresses take their places as directors and stage hands frantically put the last finishing touches together. The curtains open and spotlights fade onto the stage and the play begins. This is the near future for the theatre students who are rehearsing for the play Lockdownthat is set to début on Thursday, April 25.  

The one act Lockdown is an adaptation of the play written by Douglas Craven and is student directed by senior Lucas Laguer. The play is about a group of students who are suddenly placed into a lockdown at their school and shows how they handle the situation, leaving audience members at the edge of their seats.  

“In the play, I play a girl named Sarah,” sophomore Sabrina Schepmans said. “Sarah is a preppy girl who is very expressive with her emotions. I felt an instant connection to the character because I’ve always wanted to portray a character that is sort of snotty since that’s not who I am, and it’s fun to experiment with another personality.” 

Lockdown is a chance for many students who are passionate about theatre but have not yet caught their moment in the spotlight to shine.  

“My family always told me that I should go into acting,” sophomore Brooke Bergman said. “I always liked to perform skits just to make my family laugh. But once I got into my freshman year in theatre one, I knew I couldn’t wait to perform in a real performance.” 

As opening night is less than a week away and call time is becoming closer and closer, the pressure is on for the cast and crew to create a memorable production and do the writer of the play justice.  

“I am really excited for opening night,” junior Sarah Schreiner said. “I am also nervous because I genuinely just want to make my family and my sisters proud. I don’t want to mess up my lines or ques and I don’t want my nerves to consume me.”