Finalizing the school year


Savannah Upson

To plan for next school year, the class of 2021 met on April 9. The class president, Chloe Evers, and vice president, Hailey banks, presented a powerpoint to the council members about next year’s officer positions and how to apply.

“We have so many plans for next year and just want to start right away,” Banks said. “A little bit of me is nervous about elections themselves but hopefully things all come out well and I am 2021’s, future junior class Vice President.”

Discussing the plans for the 2019-2020 school year made the council members think about what is in store for them for next year. The members have been planning events all year, but have not been able to pursue them yet.

“I am looking forward to being able to follow through with the plans we have made this year,” sophomore Mackenzie Spiroff said. “We have really good ideas but we can’t execute them yet because we are only sophomores. I am excited to be apart of getting more people involved in fun activities at our school.”

At the meeting, student council also reflected on what they have done for their class. In order for the classes to have events, they must raise money and some of the club members found that was the best part of this school year.

“My favorite event that I participated in this year was amnesty week,” sophomore Emily Smith said. “I enjoyed selling things, so that our class would have more money to do things we want.”

With the school year almost over, emotions are arising. Not only is it the last council meeting of year, but it is also a reminder high school is coming to an end.

“Knowing that it’s the last meeting of the school year seems surreal to me,” sophomore Zoe Hines said. “It’s a reminder that sophomore year is already ending and high school is ending so fast.”