Ensuring success: AP environmental science reviews for the AP exam


Melanie Schepmans

Consistently one of the lowest-scoring AP science exams, AP Environmental Science students buckle down to review the major concepts from throughout the year as testing season approaches. AP Environmental Science held their second after school exam review on Monday, April 8.  


 AP Environmental Science (APES) teacher, Jennifer Cherry, opens her classroom for one hour after school for students to use the time to get one on one help, ask questions, or get structured reviews on specific topics.  


Students also received a folder full of review materials such as a list of 155 key concepts from throughout the year and a packet of practice questions from every unit.  


“I took AP human geography last year, and the review was very different,“ sophomore Breana Boies said. “Having all of the review packets and a teacher sitting right there in front of you is helpful and you’re not just sitting at home wondering what to do.” 


As a previous APES student, Cherry knows the best methods and study habits to score a 5 in May and encourages students to take advantage of their resources.  


Taking APES in high school helped me to prepare my current students on the rigor of the questioning on the AP Exam,” teacher Jennifer Cherry said. “I have been able to teach my students the best way to pace themselves in the exam and what topics to make sure to spend more time covering.” 


For students who are new to the AP program, the level of dedication Cherry puts into ensuring her students’ success on the exam is not overlooked.   


“Since this is my first AP class, spending time with my classmates and Ms.Cherry to review has been amazing,” sophomore Brea Kamm said. “Most of my other teachers don’t review like this in any capacity, which can be very stressful.”  


Beyond preparing her students for a 5 on the AP exam, Cherry wants her students to take away the deeper meaning of environmental science and how everyone plays an individual part in the environment’s health.  


My overall goal for my AP students to take away from my class is that we each can make a difference in this world and one persons individual actions can start movements in the right direction for a sustainable environment,” Cherry said. “I hope that because of this course, my students will become more educated on the issues in the environment and will decide to make changes to live in a more sustainable fashion within their own lives.