Pushing for first place


Savannah Upson

Preparing for their competition, winter guard met on March 28 to rehearse their routine and make sure it is spot on for their championship on March 29. Ever since the team’s first place win at their previous competition, they practice every week day to make sure they receive first place again.

“In the days of us practicing for championships, it’s literally practice, practice, practice,” junior Zoe Collins said. “You drop, redo it again, over and over again. There’s no stopping until it is almost perfect, it’s a lot of work.”

Using their last competition as a learning experience, the team is looking at their mistakes and reflecting on it to make sure those same mistakes do not happen again.

“I make myself nervous, so I am ready, and I don’t overcharge,” sophomore Danielle Rudolph said. “That’s how I dropped it last time because I was nervous.”

Not only is it the last competition of the season, but it is also the seniors’ last performance.

“After your performance you’re feeling really good and then it hits you that seniors are going to leave,” junior Katelyn Eaton said. “That’s their last performance and everybody starts crying.”

The team practices for hours as they try to live up to their last competition. They run through their routine over and over again to ensure everything is spot on.

“First place was a shock to us, but it was a good shock because we knew we could do good, but we didn’t know we could do that good,” sophomore Sabrina Schepmans said. “Now we’re going to push ourselves even harder and Christy (the coach) is going to push us harder, so we can get first place at championships.”