Competing at home


Kendall Walsh

The first ever home track meet hosted by the school took place on Wednesday, March 27.  Boys and girls competed in running, with the Javelin introduced for the first time.

Runners attempted to break their PR’s [personal records], which is a common goal among most track runners.

“My PR for the three-hundred [meters] hurdles is forty-nine seconds,” senior Martin Kouadjo said. “There is some things I am going to do differently to try and break that. One being changing my entire form, I want to try and stride over the hurdles better. Hopefully that will help me break my forty-nine second PR.”

Throughout the meet, multiple PRs were made; of those being senior Valerie Manfredi, senior Lathan Schaefer and junior Jordyn Dillon.

Manfredi, Schefer and Dillon competed in their first ever Javelin competition. However, it was only the school’s athletes competing in this category, so team members competed against each other. Manfredi placed second for girls, Dillon in third, while Schefer placed first for boys.

“The team definitely performed well, and everyone was cheering each other on,” Manfredi said.

With a successful meet for the athletes in breaking new records , it is possible to see more home meets in the future on campus.  

“I thought it went pretty good overall,” senior Aaron Belboda said. “Obviously there are still some things we should work on, but this was a good start in the right direction for home meets in future years to come. With me being a senior, it’s sad to leave, but I’m proud of what our track and field team is accomplishing each meet at a time.”