Rho Kappa members plan for end of year committees


With enthusiasm and excitement in her voice, President of NEHS and senior Carson Francis calls the meeting to order and goes over the topics of the day. “So in NEHS, I organize the meetings and help organize committees as well or encourage the students and members in the club to take part in these volunteering opportunities in committees off campus or on campus,” Francis said. “We help promote English, writing, reading and everything related to that, again, both on and off campus. So students have a raised awareness for these kinds of things and learn a lot through the club as well.”

Robin Ntankeh

Students filed into the classroom one by one, multiple vague conversations filled the air. People sat in the rows of desks facing the whiteboard as the meeting was called to order.  Rho Kappa held a meeting on March 27, and a recap meeting on March 28 for those who missed the day prior. Members discussed upcoming events, from their traditional random acts of kindness to the end-of-the-year party.

“I attended the meeting for Rho Kappa because I wanted to get an update of the new committees they have and I wanted to know what important dates that are coming up,” senior Kaelyn-Rose Miranda said. “I am hoping to get a cord from the club if I continue to participate and earn committee credits… I also want to just be more involved on campus and in the community.”

Besides raising students’ awareness for monumental events and figures in world history, the members take part in events together frequently on campus through committees, helping them form new memories. 

“I go to a lot of the events that we hold and take pictures of what we do as a club,” senior Deborah Rumer, Rho Kappa’s Historian, said. “ My favorite Rho Kappa memory was the ‘Walk to School’ event. We welcomed [Enterprise] elementary kids to class with signs, cheers and smiles while they walked with other clubs.”

Current events taking place in the honor society are the Cheering for Testing Students, Random Acts of Kindness and the Rho Kappa Field Day committees. Several smaller committees are in progress with members preparing them.

Every member has participated in several committees at this point in the school year, since it is a requirement to help in at least three committees per semester. Some members are affected by these more than others.

“My experience in Rho Kappa has been extremely positive and exciting,” senior and officer Brooke Parry said. “My favorite part of the club is probably when we do random acts of kindness. I really enjoy taking the time to make someone’s day a little brighter.”