Feeling the force of Star Wars club


Savannah Upson

Starting to make a fan film, Star Wars club met on March 6, to record the first scenes of their video. The film will be set at the school and has its own twist on the Star Wars series. The members are using their passion for Star Wars to drive the film and make it successful.

“I love Star Wars and I get to geek out on all other things,” sophomore director Dayna Barroso said. “It’s the inner genius in me. I just love outer space in general.”

With the hopes of having the film out by the start of next school year, the members have already planned out the details.

“I am proud of it [the film] so far honestly,” sophomore vice president Ethan Diaz said. “It gets people to show what they’re good at and work together in order to make a piece of art.”

Trying to make sure they meet their deadline, the club officers face challenges working with everyone’s extracurricular and academic activities.

“Everyone has such complicated schedules, during lunch and after school,” sophomore president Luke Kohler said. “Getting everyone here is very difficult and telling them what they’re going to be wearing.”

For the students participating in the video, it is more than just a film; it reminds them of the first time they watched Star Wars as a kid, and they are getting to relish the feeling next to their close friends.

“It’s like when you hang out with these guys, it’s just like you feel like a part of a family,” junior Ezmen Rosado said. “You feel like you’re a part of something bigger and reliving your childhood. It feels so nice.”