Sneaking into the new school year


Savannah Upson

Upcoming freshmen arrived on Jan. 31 for the freshmen sneak peek. They were directed to the auditorium where they received a school map and a list of graduation requirements. Principal Intern John Devito then gave a presentation about what the school has to offer.

After the speech ended, students entered the cafeteria, where they were welcomed by students in clubs trying to make them comfortable with the thought of starting high school. Not only did the clubs teach them what their group is about, but they also made them feel like home.

“It’s not necessarily all about getting X amount of people [signed up],” sophomore Red Cross president Kenneth Victoria said. “It’s more about, making kids not scared of high school because instead of it being, full of like, scary people, and all these big kids. It can be a nice place to come to.”

Earth and Surf provided an enjoyable experience for the freshmen. They included a poster on their table with pictures on it and a recycling bin to give an example of what they do as a club. They also threw a ball around to interact with the students.

“I really want to encourage freshman to get involved within Earth and Surf,” Earth and Surf junior officer Breana Boies said. “It is a club that really does make an impact on our environment and our planet.”

All of the clubs were ready to meet the new faces and help them transition into their first year of high school.

“We couldn’t wait to meet everyone and encourage them to come over with some candy,” sophomore CARE club co-founder Anjali Collins said.

Star Wars club showed the upcoming freshmen what high school is like and gave them a comfortable place to go to where they can express themselves.

“I know for a fact there are some Star Wars kids in middle school,” sophomore Star Wars club president Luke Kohler said. “Someone might want to, you know, have a club where they can just chill and talk about what they want without being judged.”