Dancing to ‘A Letter to You’: the winterguard premiere show


Melanie Schepmans

The crowd quiets down as program helpers roll out the varsity winterguard’s show mat. Flags, rifles and sabres are quickly set into their proper starting positions as the performers take their places. The judges start their tape records, ready to critique as the music begins.

The Florida Federation of Colorguards Circuit awarded the team third place at the 2019 winterguard premiere show at Flagler Palm Coast High School on Saturday, Jan. 19.

The show titled ‘A Letter to You’ is performed to Sam Smith’s ‘Get Here.’ The plot centers around a boy who goes to extensive lengths to give a letter to the girl he likes.

“I definitely think we deserved third place because we all performed our best that day,” sophomore Danielle Rudolph said. “If we focus on a strong stage presence and incorporating the theme more into our show, we could shoot for second place.”

To have a prominent presence, the team plans to focus on expressing their emotional connection to the song and the story.

“Performing for me is pure happiness,” junior Megan Tirado said. “I definitely would say that I’m in my element and that the more we improve, the closer it is to our hearts.”



Being the last premiere for senior captains Trent McGuire and Hayley Williams, performing brought out new emotions.

“It was very emotional. Probably more so than before,” senior captain Hayley Williams said. “I was happy because we had a good performance but the reality was hitting that this is my last premier with this team.”