Volusia County School Board January meeting recap


Connor Darby

The Volusia County School Board met during a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 15. Topics discussed included a resolution honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., approval of training for teachers in mathematics and approval of the installation of the Field Lighting project at University High School.

The 2017-18 Annual Update to the Equity Plan was presented by school district officials.

Statistics within the Equity Plan presentation show that percentage minority participation in higher-level courses is increasing, on average. However, percentage growth of minority participation in AP, IB and AICE classes have decreased or remained the same from the 2016-17 to the 2017-18 school year. This difference can be attributed to increases in honors and Dual Enrollment course enrollment.

Current attempts by the district to increase minority enrollment in higher-level courses mostly center around targeted recruitment of underrepresented students. One way this targeted recruitment is achieved is through providing schools with AP Potential Reports for all students.

Other attempts to increase minority enrollment in higher-level courses include alterations to the way students are recommended for higher-level courses when entering middle schools and different advertising for higher-level courses.