Starting the new year with a few goals


Kori Kestory

A girl stands on the soccer field, sweat dripping down her forehead as she bends her left leg, swinging her right leg back. Other girls on the field cheer her on as she brings her right leg forward and kicks the soccer ball in front of her in to the goal, erupting cries of happiness from her peers and coach on the sidelines.  The varsity girls’ soccer team reigns as the undefeated champions of the school, holding a record of 10-0. 

“Although we have been successful this season, we aren’t a perfect team,” sophomore Sarah Darby said. “However, we want to be able to peak at the perfect time in the season, so we are working on different aspects of the game everyday.”

Almost every day, the soccer team stays after school to practice preparing for the games ahead.

“Spruce Creek and Flagler Palm Coast are always our biggest competitors of the season,” sophomore Paige Bouche said. “We look ahead and prepare for those games for a long time. As a team we communicated, had good touches, connected passes, and finished well. Which, all together, allowed us to win both games with a score of 1-0.”

Players attribute their success not only to physical readiness, but mental preparedness as well. 

“Personally, I want to improve on my confidence on the field, and knowing that I am good enough to be the main goalie of the team,” sophomore Rachel Kenis said. “I know that I am good player, I just have to execute that on the field when I am playing.”

With being undefeated, and even having many mercy rules, they predict a strong season. 

“I’m so excited for the rest of the season,” sophomore Emma Pop said. “Our team is definitely going to go far for as long as we stay humble and keep working hard at practice and during games.”