Preparing for the Reindeer Games


Kendall Walsh

The second annual Reindeer Games were prepared by SGA during class time in the weeks leading up to Dec. 18. The students rehearsed for the games that took place in the gym.

“We have been preparing for the reindeer games over the past few weeks,” sophomore Hailey Banks said. “It’s sort of like the class clashes’ we’ve had over previous years. It’s just more Christmas related.”

Part of the preparation was selling tickets and purchasing the products that they would need to make the Reindeer Games happen.

“We have to sell tickets,” sophomore Brenna Kruid said. “We have to get all the stuff for the games which isn’t too much because we mostly make all of it anyway.

SGA comes up with their own ideas and creates their own games. The posters and announcements attracted students to come.

“It took us a week or two to come up with games and posters,” sophomore Alexis Longo said. “Although, we still have to sell wristbands and prepare for it.”