Spin, toss, compete: Color guard becomes Winter guard


Melanie Schepmans

As football players hang up their helmets and cheerleaders their bows at the end of the fall season, colorguard continues spinning props such as rifles and flags. Once the winter season begins, colorguard transitions to winterguard for the next several months. 

“Winterguard is just like field season colorguard,” sophomore Sabrina Schepmans said. “The only difference is winterguard is competition based.” 

Winterguard features a junior varsity and varsity team that compete at different levels to best showcase the talents of the veterans and newbies. 

“This year, varsity is going up a classification from AA to AAA,” sophomore Isabelle Braudakis said. “We will be competing with groups that are more advanced and have better overall performances.”

The varsity team has fourteen members, consisting of many different experience and grade levels. 

“My responsibility as a veteran changes since it’s such a small team,” Braudakis said. “ There is no room for mistakes since there are only fourteen people and everyone will notice if you drop something.”

With the first competition nearing, the team aims for second place at Florida Federation of Colorguards Circuit (FFCC) Championships. 

“To achieve second place, we need to change our mindset,” Schepmans said. “The whole team needs to be willing to push ourselves to put in that extra effort. All fourteen of us need to want it and be dedicated and passionate enough to do whatever it takes.”