All wrapped up


Brionna Taylor

With heat emanating form the stage lights, dance students run through dance routines for the Winter Showcase on stage in the auditorium. With each twist and turn, dancers works on their own moves, looking to perfect each movement before presenting them to a crowd made up of family and friends. Leading up to the performances throughout the week before winter break, dancers ready themselves physically and mentally. 

“I’m more nervous today than I was yesterday,” senior Yalisette Ramirez said. “My family is coming, and plus I have my friends too. I don’t know why, but I have so much butterflies in my stomach.”


Students performing in the showcase prepared as whole and individually, taking the time to work on the moves they needed improvement on. 

“I’m pretty confident since I’ve been dancing for this class and the dance club,” senior Nikolas Edwards said. “I’ve been stretching and checking all my dances; making sure they’re as crisp as possible.”


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Hip-Hop and contemporary music played during the dances in the showcase, along with a few Michael Jackson hits. At the end of the night, dance teacher Zion Walker and a few of her students performed a routine together. 

“I figured the dance would be more powerful if it had more than just me,” Walker said. “It had all the students who took extra time to stay after school in it, and I really loved ‘Emerald City’ with the green, the red and the gold.” 


“Originally when I made this dance up, it was going to be a solo with just me,” dance teacher Zion Walker said. “I ended up organizing it a different way and changed it up for everyone that was there.”