Donating blood: from one life to another


The blood drive was a chance for Titans to help save many people. Students are able to help make a difference in their community. “I feel like I have an opportunity to have good blood, I feel like other people should have good blood too,” sophomore Jordan McPhoy said. “We’re all supposed to be here and be helpful.”

Savannah Upson

Given the opportunity to donate blood, students and faculty members boarded the Big Red busses outside the auditorium on Dec. 7.

When the Big Red busses pulled in, students arrived, ready to donate blood. When the process of donating starts, blood donors are required to fill out a form about their life and things that may effect their blood.  

“You just have to go through like anything that has come in contact with you or if you are you taking any medication or if you’ve left the country,” senior Felicity Johnson said.  

Many people who participate in the blood drive do it for different reasons. Some want to help save a few lives, while others have experienced what it is like for a loved one to need blood.  

“My grandfather actually received blood and it allowed him to live a lot longer than he should have,” Oneblood account representative Michelle Pagan said. “Working here affects me personally, I kind of do it in an honor of him and I get to see firsthand how many lives it saves”  

Students are also given the opportunity to volunteer. It allows students the chance to do something for their community, while gaining their service hours.  

 “I usually donate, but since I can’t anymore because of personal reason, I try to help out in any way I can,” senior Shanette Batista said. “Volunteering is the best way to do that and to help the people who actually can donate.”  

Every person who donated is helping to save three people’s lives. With the help from volunteers and donators, a difference can be made in others’ lives.

“I like to donate because I like knowing that I am helping someone,” junior Haleigh Booth said.  “I could potentially save someone’s life, save them from a disease or something.”