Tackling the start of the season


Senior Kale Moore in a “match” during practice. “My plan is to make it back to states this year,” Moore said. “I’m going to work harder and eat cleaner, so I don’t have to lose so much weight before a tournament.”

Kendall Walsh

Boys and girls wrestling held their first practice of the season on Tuesday, November 13. The wrestlers had a lengthy off season, but prepared for the season to begin.

“I think the first practice was a good start to the season,” senior Craig Sava said. “It really made me wish I would have ran more in the off season to stay in better shape. But we improved so much last year as a team and I expect great things this season.”

The teams practice every school day from three to six in the afternoon, and occasionally on Saturdays. Through practices, the wrestlers use the time to push themselves to further improve on their moves.

“I’m always trying to improve,” senior state finalist Kale Moore said. “I’m always trying to break my limits to see how far I can go.”

Although they are excited for the upcoming season, some seniors have mixed feelings about it being their last season.

“I’m extremely sad about it,” senior Jacob Tipton said. “I’ve been wrestling throughout high school and these people have become my family. We are more than a team, but family. We are brothers and sisters, leaving our blood sweat and tears out on the mat.”