Medical Marijuana in Volusia County Schools


Connor Darby

Medical marijuana at school: that is what the parents of Zoe Adams have been fighting for at the district level on behalf of their daughter. School Board Policy 218, officially called “Zoe’s Policy” would effectively allow a parent or caregiver to come on campus and administer medical marijuana to a student with a qualifying medical condition authorized by Florida Statutes.

During the Nov. 7 Volusia School Board meeting, Zoe’s policy was officially passed and will take effect on Dec. 1. Next week will be the first week of the implementation of the policy.

“This school board has been outstanding,” J.J. Adams, Zoe’s father, said after the passage. “It’s been courageous on this decision. It’s not only going to help Zoe’s life but it’s also going to help the lives of other kids.”

Zoe’s Policy will help students suffering from illnesses such as cancer, epilepsy or Crohn’s disease. The School Board saw a need for this policy and drew it up with the help of Zoe’s parents.

“Thank you for standing up, thank you for being open and thank you for being human,” Kim Adams, Zoe’s mom, said.

Despite the passage of the policy, how the future will play out is unknown. The success of the policy rests on the cooperation of the public and the schools of the students who use this medicine.

“We fought a good fight and it payed off in the end and I’m truly grateful,” J.J. Adams said through tears. “Thank you so much. And hopefully down the road you’ll see me again because I want to fight for the teachers who are suffering through illnesses of their own.”