QuestBridge Scholar: Jordan Koehler


Connor Darby

One part completely free college application, one part fully funded four-year scholarship and one part early application for up to 12 of the best schools in the country of your choice. Serving high-achieving, underprivileged students, the QuestBridge National College Match works to pair these students with exceptional schools and provide them the financial means to attend those schools.

After submitting her QuestBridge application in September, senior Jordan Koehler found out she was a finalist on October 18.

“I got the email from QuestBridge that an update had been posted to my account,” Koehler said. “I logged in expecting to see the standard rejection letter but instead saw that I had been chosen as a finalist. I think it was more shocking than anything, because it’s been the first huge confirmation to me that my hard work is paying off. I was so excited and shocked and anxious that I was shaking.”

Out of 16,248 total applicants, only 6,507 were selected to be National College Match finalists. Finalists have the option to submit early applications to any of the up to 12 schools they ranked on their application.

“If you get accepted into one of the schools that you chose to apply to, QuestBridge pays 100% for you to attend that school,” Koehler said. “If you don’t get selected to get into one of them early, you get a second chance and can apply to all 12 again in the regular decision round.”

Those who participate in the College Match process and end up matched with a school receive a full, four-year scholarship worth over $200,000. 

Koehler has excelled in school with a 4.6 GPA, and stays involved both on and off campus through varsity sports, dance and club officer-ships. Koehler also co-captains the Academic Team, is an ambassador for the Biomedical Sciences Academy and coaches youth Track and Field.

“College, to me, is the number one way that I can build the future that I want for myself,” Koehler said. “I want to explore the academic world and learn all that I can.”

Koehler plans to continue her education in the science field. Though not quite sure what she wants to major in, Koehler has her mind focused on either biochemistry, quantum physics or a combination of the two. Both tracks are ones in which she will excel as an academic as well as a professional. Her dream school to study either discipline is Stanford University in central California. The weather, location and opportunity are what most draw her to the school.

“Stanford is one of the best universities in the world,” Koehler said. “It has incredible research opportunities which is highly appealing to me, as I want a career in academic research.  They also have a really cool curriculum plan that allows you to take way more classes, and therefore learn a lot more, than most other schools.”