From students to performers


Brionna Taylor

With 150 dollars on the line, contestants wait for their names to be called. Singers, dancers, a contortionist, and a few pianists rehearse in the dressing room. Warming up voices, finger and bodies, the opening act is preformed and the show is about the begin.

“I feel prepared,” sophomore contortionist Danielle Rudolph said. “A little nervous at first I guess, but definitely prepared.” 

Students prepared in their own ways, some fitting in practice whenever their time allowed them to.

“We practiced as much as we could with our schedules,” sophomore singer Caitlyn Strittmatter said.

From the rehearsals to the live performance, students put forward their best effort to win the talent show.

“We came in third place,” sophomore pianist Nicholas Highland, Strittmatter’s partner, said. “All of us were very nervous, but at this point it was like… we know we got this.” 

Some students prepared their acts months in advance to the talent show. 

“We’ve had this number since April, so every practice since has just been touching on it,” senior dancer Alexis Bouters said.

From singers to contortionists, every act performed showed students’ talents to one another.

“There’s a lot of competition out there with really good talent, but I do think we have a really good  chance,” junior dancer Reagan Atkins, Bouters’ partner, said.

From preforming her original song “Backpack”, sophomore singer Isabelle Rios won the talent show in first place. 

“I was not expecting this,” Rios said. “I didn’t think I did that great even though I was confident during my performance. I still get nervous all the time, but this is God’s plan… wherever he may take me.”