Get in formation


Melanie Schepmans

The stadium lights illuminate the flag silks as the color-guard team drill the last few movements of their field season show, the sparkles on their costumes reflecting the harsh light, capturing spectators’ eyes.

“We may just look like pretty faces in sparkly costumes, but we’re so much more than that,” sophomore Sabrina Schepmans said.

Color-guard practices every weekday from three to six in the afternoons, with the exception of Wednesdays being their day off.

“All sports work hard in their own ways,” sophomore Danielle Rudolph said. “I think we work just as hard if not harder than other sports. It’s more than just throwing and catching equipment. We have to memorize routines and stay in our dot on the field.”

From being a part of the team, some members in particular have been impacted in a way that affects their lives in school.

“Every year of high school I went to a different school,” senior Trent McGuire said. “Once I came here and met all these people and this team, I decided to stay.”

Being a part of the color-guard team has helped some members overcome obstacles and work to their goals.

“These people love me for who I am, care about me, and never judge me,” Schepmans said. “They have my back and help me grow and accomplish my goals inside and outside of color guard. We are just a big happy family.”