Kicking off the season

Kicking off the season

Devyn Irvin

The boys soccer team had their first game on Tuesday, November 6 against Taylor High School, at Emory L. Bennett Veterans Memorial Park.

The game started off with both teams in their positions on the field, and the crowd watching  from the sidelines.

The first goal of the game was scored by Taylor High School in the first quarter, and Taylor’s team continued to score one more before the end of the quarter.

After halftime, Taylor’s team scored two more goals and won the game with the score being 0-4.  

After the game, the Titan players reflected on their team’s ability, and how it contributed to the other team’s win.

“We felt a little bit over confident, I think,” freshman Blair Baylor said. “We [should’ve] had more endurance.”

Sophomore Jovan Matos warms up with his team, as they practice shooting into the goal before the game starts.

However, the team is not letting the loss of this game discourage them from improving going into the rest of the season.

“We’ll learn from our mistakes,” junior Sergio Serna said. “We don’t have that much chemistry yet, so [with] a couple more games and practices we’ll be able to do better.”