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Junior Elana Feliciano fills out a scholarship paper.

Junior Elana Feliciano fills out a scholarship paper.

Kaelyn Miranda


A group of students munch on cheese pizza as the coordinator informs students on numerous ways to earn easy effortless scholarships. Every Thursday in the lecture hall, a group of students sponsored by the YMCA meet up to discuss ways to prepare for their future.

“Project 396 is a club that makes you feel like you’re at home because you can say anything you want, and nobody is going to judge you,” senior Keilyn Martinez said.

Members within in the club feel that it is a chance to be around others similar to themselves to share new experiences.

“It’s really a life changing experience,” sophomore Madison Baker said. “I’ve met people who’ve helped me go out of my comfort zone by doing fun activities.”

Outside of school is where project 396 gets the opportunity participate in  activities with students from other schools as well. Project 396 is a grant-funded program, so students can go on trips and do activities without paying any fees.

“Our biggest trips are our campouts,” project 396 coordinator Marisa Wetzel said. “We go camping twice a year, once in September and once in January, and spend the weekend at Lake Winona. This is a chance for students from all the high schools to come together, getting to enjoy camp activities, swimming, ropes courses, archery, while also attending workshops and learning leadership and teambuilding skills.”

Students in the club feel it serves a positive outcome in serving as a learning environment as well.

“I wanted to see what it was about [project 396] and ever sense I have joined I’ve learned a lot like how to control my time management,” junior Elana Feliciano said. “I would highly recommend joining if you just wanna have fun and learn new things.”