Emergencies and solutions


Melanie Schepmans

Sharing their knowledge on the Incident Command System, Biomedical Academy students in levels one and two presented to nine professionals in that field on Thursday, November 8.

Students were placed into groups of four and tasked with a hypothetical disaster where they needed to get people and resources in and out safely.

“There was an incident commander who oversaw the process,” sophomore Keely Colgan said. “A safety officer who made sure everyone was safe, a liaison officer who contacted the proper resources, and a public information officer who handled the media.”

In biomed teacher Perry Revlett’s classroom, the ICS PowerPoint presentation is an annual occurrence. Students who had him their first year have done it before, while freshmen and those who had biomed teacher Jessica Clayton for their first year were new to the experience.

“I think I’m more nervous than people that presented last year because they have already experienced it and know what to expect,” sophomore Noor Hameed-Akhtar said. “I had Clayton last year and we didn’t do anything like this.”

Once groups gave their presentation, the various members of law enforcement and medical personnel would critique their facts and overall understanding of incident command.

“My job was the liaison officer,” sophomore Hailey Banks said. “I was nervous because not only did the people I presented to knew more about the topic than I did, but because since it was my second time, I really wanted to impress the people and have the best presentation.”