Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Additional questions should be directed to

Can I submit writing to this site?

Yes! We take submissions in creative writing, artwork, and articles. Submit any work to

Where do I buy my yearbook?

Yearbooks are for sale throughout the school year through the school store. They can also be purchased online using the green button on the or by bringing a check or cash to the store during lunch. We recommend you purchase them with cash or a check in person so you don’t pay the service charge online.

When is the best time to buy my yearbook?

The earlier, the better. Yearbooks increase in price over the course of the school year. It also means you will definitely get a book. We order a limited quantity so you are never guaranteed we will have the book available when you go to buy, and we can’t order more.

I want a school planner. Can I still get one?

150 planners are ordered at the start of the school year. Send us an email to see if we have any more in stock.

I saw you at a game or performance. Can I see the pictures you took?

We’re happy to share! Unfortunately though, we can’t afford SmugMug anymore. Instead, you can find our photography by following us at @uhspress on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

We need pictures and videos from the year for our club or group. Can we have them for free?

While we know the struggle is real, we can’t give away our photography or videos. First, it would take us way too much time to organize free photos or videos for all the groups on campus. Second, we need money to have the equipment to make a yearbook and to run a blog. We will have an option at the end of the school year for clubs to get a flash drive of their photos and videos for a set price.

I want to advertise with your site.

Amazing! Our sponsors allow us to make our magazine and yearbook, and they fund our news site hosting. You can help us stay afloat by taking out an ad in our yearbook and magazine. All sponsors who take out packaged ad have included web advertisement. Follow this link to get more information.

I love UHSpress! Can I join?

We love your enthusiasm. However, we rarely take on new staff during the school year. We are like a family here and we adore taking on new members, but most training is completed the first month of the year. As you sign up for classes in the Spring, be sure to tell your guidance counselor that you are interested. The adviser will get a list of students who signed up and make sure you get an application to join the team. Good luck!