Weekly update April 30th- May 5th

Monday April 30th Baseball districts at Conrad Park, Deland 7pm Cheer fundraising meeting in the lecture hall 4:30pm AP environmental science review 1c-308 3pm-4pm Freshman parent night in the auditorium 6pm-9pm Tuesday May 1st Band spring concert in the auditorium Finance academy banquet 6-8 Wednesday May 2nd LDC practice in the auditorium 2pm-3:30pm AP environmental […]

Volusia Elite All-Stars one up the competition at One-Up Atlanta

The moment the cheerleaders were anxiously waiting for had finally come. Competition day had arrived, and the girls were ready to kick some peach tree Georgia butt. The local competitive cheer team, Volusia Elite all-stars senior 3 royalty, traveled to Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend to compete in the two-day competition; One-up Atlanta. The competition was tremendous, with hundreds of teams competing from all over the nation. There were a total of 8 teams in […]

Titan Baseball gains some forever fans through pen pal program

As junior Colby Molle and his teammates walked into K-2 ESE Separate Class Teacher at Osteen Elementary school Alicia Zimmerman’s classroom, they were shocked by the impact their letters had on her students. Over the previous weeks, eight baseball players were chosen by head coach, Jake Norman, to participate in a pen pal program with […]

Weekly update April 23rd- April 29th

Monday April 23rd P.E. classes in the auditorium Chorus field trip: FVA state choral MPA, first prebyterian church, Lakeland Dance rehearsal/showcase auditorium 3pm- 10pm AP environmental science review 1c-308 3pm- 4pm Tuesday April 24th P.E. classes in the auditorium Home v baseball vs deltona senior night 4:30pm Away softball districts @ Lake Mary Dance rehearsal/showcase […]

Weekly preview April 16th- 21st

Monday April 16th Gym classes in the auditorium Away baseball at winter park 7pm Away boys tennis districts 8am Tuesday April 17th Gym classes in the auditorium Home softball vs. Pine Ridge 5pm Home baseball vs. Pine Ridge 4:30pm Wednesday April 18th Gym classes in the auditorium DSC admissions in the courtyard 10:30am- 11:30am LDC […]

Top six ways to spend your Spring Break

With spring break less than a week away, everyone at school is buzzing with their plans for vacation. Though a week-long trip to a private island sounds perfect right around this time in the school year, it’s not realistic. If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited until the last minute to make any plans and […]

The benefits of being a student athlete

Learning life lessons are common throughout high school. Whether it’s inside a classroom or doing activities outside of school, they keep the knowledge they have gained with them for years. A lot of these lessons can be taught through sports. These lessons teach student-athletes how to collaborate and work as a team, they teach them […]

Titan baseball starts off season with a 7-1 win

For most athletes, the first game of the season is one of the most important. Some believe it sets the course for the rest of the season while others just want to start off the season with a bang. On Tuesday February 27th, our very own Titan Varsity Baseball Team played Lyman at our home […]

Why We Protest – An Opinion Article by Editor-in-Chief Samantha Neely

I don’t think anyone is ever prepared for a mass shooting, whether it’s actually living through it or watching the aftermath unfold over. Despite our country having 1,625 mass shootings in the past five years, it seems as though the cycle resets when we see a new shooting on the news. Suddenly, we lose all […]

Celebrating Black History Month: Malcolm X

An African American leader, a prominent leader in the Nation of Islam, a black nationalist, and civil rights leader. Malcolm X was not silent. Making an impact on everything he did, Malcolm had an agenda and used his platform in every way possible. Malcolm X was born as Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925, in […]