About Us

2017 Leadership

Our Approach

At UHSpress, we work hard to cover the stories you care about, for today and always. Our publication and digital media staff work tirelessly over the course of the year to keep you up-to-date on social and digital media, and also create printed pieces that will stand the test of time.

Our Story

UHSpress began with the start of the school in 2010, but didn't fully come together until 2015 as a united press team. Yearbook and news work together to tell the story of your year, in its entirety.

Meet the Team

We are nothing if we are not a team, working together to deliver the best, most up-to-date journalism we can. Each member of the staff is an invaluable part of the UHSpress machine.

Digital Media

The staff dedicated to creating content, including copy and photography, for social media, the blog site and all digital content.

Samantha Neely

Digital Media Editor-in-Chief

Alexus Cleavenger

Copy Staff

Alaina Cianchetti

Social Media and Videography Manager

Jessica Hoover

Copy Staff

Grace Gillen

Copy Staff

Carson Francis

Copy Staff

Publication Staff

The staff dedicated to creating impactful design, photography and story to capture your year. They are regular contributors to digital media.

Camille McNairy


Jonathan Jackson

Managing Editor

Cierra Stark

Photography Editor

Jordan McKendrick

Publication Staff

Grace Rooney

Publication Staff

Joseph Arquette

Publication Staff

Lauren Thomas

Creative Director

Emily Edwards

Managing Editor

Morgan Costner

Publication Staff

Kaitlyn Mould

Publication Staff

Coral Estes

Publication Staff

Conner Lombard

Publication Staff

Kaitlyn Anderson

Business Editor

Hailey Smith

Index Manager

Brooke Williams

Publication Staff

Camille Taylor

Publication Staff

Joriam Feliciano

Publication Staff

Hailey Padgett

Publication Staff